The Birth Control Side Effect Your Doctor Isn’t Talking About


Like a lot of women, I went on birth control as soon as I became sexually active. I started the regimen just after my sixteenth birthday, and did a near-perfect job of taking my daily pill for six years. In the six years I was on hormonal birth control, I’d graduated high school, gotten married, gone to college and started my first real job. I’d also built up a defensive relationship with my husband around our sex life.

The fact was, sex just wasn’t that interesting to me. I never had trouble orgasming, I enjoyed sex, but I could list off a hundred things I’d rather spend my time doing. My husband tried to be understanding; we tried to negotiate a weekly number that was acceptable for him and that I could live up to. I didn’t fear for our marriage, but I knew he was unsatisfied. I thought this was just the way it was going to be. The internet is filled with these battles between partners and their sex drives.

Then I found myself out of birth control and without insurance. Oh well. I figured we’d be careful for a few months while I figured out a health care plan, and it wasn’t like we were having that much sex anyway.

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