As a freelance journalist, I write service pieces that put complicated issues into plain, everyday language, and reported features that dive deep on important topics through storytelling.

My journalism tends to follow the issues I find most pressing. I often write about health—psychological, physical, and relational—as well as the environment, climate change, and the impact of humans in outdoor recreation. In 2020, I regularly contributed to’s COVID-19 coverage, illuminating leading public health recommendations for readers as the crisis unfolded.

Below are highlights of my work.

Science, Environment & Outdoor Recreation

Bug Breeders Are Cultivating Waste-Guzzling Flies to Gobble Up America’s Trash – Future Human
When Nature Calls in the Backcountry, It’s a Problem for Parks – Sierra Magazine
Keeping Drones Out of the Wild – Sierra Magazine
Washingtonians Flock Outdoors Amid COVID-19 – The Seattle Times
Recycling Feels So Right, But We’re Doing it Wrong – Asparagus Magazine

Health & Relationships

Whatever Happened to Moderate Fitness? – SELF
Turns Out There Is Such a Thing as ‘Too Much’ Yoga – SheKnows
How to Deal With Loneliness and Feelings of Isolation – Woman’s Day
So, You Broke Social Distancing Guidelines. Here’s How to Deal With Your Guilt – SELF
What to Do If You and Your Loved Ones Disagree About Social Distancing – SELF
8 Tips Couples Therapists Are Giving All the Time During the Pandemic – SELF

When to Get Tested for Coronavirus If You’ve Been Protesting – SELF
Do the Coronavirus Symptoms Include Headache? – SELF
How to Know If You Need to Go to the E.R. With Coronavirus – SELF
How Risky Is It to Take a Road Trip, Train Trip, or Flight Right Now? – SELF
How Risky It Is to Eat at a Restaurant, Go to the Beach, and More Right Now – SELF
How Risky Is It to See Friends and Family for Fun Right Now? – SELF

Travel, Food, and Adventure

How One Arizona Town Became an International Dark Sky Community – Lonely Planet
This TikTok Star Is Giving BIPOC-Owned Seattle Restaurants a Big Boost – Eater Seattle
Tackling the 7,000-Mile Great Western Loop
– Outside
The Couple Who Created a New Thru-Hike in the Northwest – Outside
Finding Charm in Haiphong, Vietnam, Seattle’s Sister City – The Seattle Times
Here’s What It’s Like to Visit The Starbucks Standalone Bakery – Business Insider


Seattle Little Free Libraries Gain New Life During the Pandemic – The Seattle Times
Patti Smith’s M Train Is a Meditation on Grief and Memory – SheKnows
Skamania County Author Catalogs Abodes Off the Beaten Path in New Book ‘Off Grid Life’ – The Seattle Times

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