PSA to Fitness Instructors: Food Shaming Doesn’t Inspire Me to Work Harder


I was 30 minutes into one of the hardest exercise classes I’d ever tried. We were doing burpees, a movement I was still getting used to, lowering our bodies to the ground and then jumping in the air. Sweat was pouring down my face, my heart was pounding, and I was thinking, Wow, body, look at you go.

And then the instructor called out through her headset: “Who here sinned over the weekend and needs to burn off those calories?”

Whomp. My body, which had been so willing to work hard a moment before, was utterly unmotivated. My form got sloppy. My jump less energetic.

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Published by Colleen

Writer, backpacker, fledgling runner. Equally afraid of and thrilled by nature.

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