Meet 56-Year-Old Model Mercy Brewer — She’s as Badass as You Imagined

By now you’ve hopefully seen the gorgeous photos from lingerie brand, Lonely, featuring the stunning 56-year-old model Mercy Brewer. But you may not have heard from the woman herself.


Brewer came from a rough childhood with few career prospects. She became a hair dresser at a career adviser’s suggestion and ended up working for Irvine Rusk, who told her to consider modeling. She got her foot in the door as a model in London in the 1980s, eventually working with the best i


n the business from Kate Moss to Naomi Campbell. She moved to New Zealand in the early 2000s and focused on being a mother, taking odd modelings gigs and designing clothes including costume art, before getting on the catwalk again at New Zealand’s Fashion Week last year.

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