Mamrie Hart’s New Memoir Is a Hilarious Lesson in Radical Self-Acceptance


Mamrie Hart, the star of the runaway YouTube channel of the same name, has a penchant for puns and drunken antics.

She is undeniably a funny lady, and her humor translates beautifully — even more powerfully, I’d argue — to the page. Her jokes have more time to build, her punchlines land harder. She’s created an entirely hilarious read that will delight her current fans by giving them a pitcher-sized serving of her normally shot-sized jokes (she is clearly better at booze analogies than I am) and entice new readers who have enjoyed recent books by other humor heavy-hitters (Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling — you know the drill).

What I didn’t expect was that You Deserve a Drink was also going to be a book about radical self-acceptance. While the book is a series of Hart’s “boozy misadventures and tales of debauchery,” ranging from drunkenly using poison ivy as toilet paper to her blatant inability to poop when she’s abroad, the undercurrent is that Hart takes self-love seriously.

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Fun note: This review was quoted on the book’s Wikipedia page.

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