Locally Owned Yoga Clothing Company Embraces the Earth

“Find your rhythm,” Kimberly Roach told me. It’s the tagline for her clothing company, Stelari, but it’s also a sort of personal mantra for her. “I really believe in the laws of attraction,” Roach went on. “The idea that we create our own fortunes – that I am the fortune teller and I create my own fortune – is really the basis of the collection.”

Roach is no stranger to creating her own fortune. In 2012, after taking a writing course, she wrote and published “The Magical Adventures of Bendy Cindy,” a children’s yoga book. She’s been an active yogi for 15 years, taking two different teacher training courses in both Arizona and California. She was taking classes on fashion and thought the illustrated Cindy character might be a cute children’s clothing piece. She began to experiment with designing clothing. “I started out making everything by hand first. I hand-dyed leggings, I hand-sublimated shirts,” she told me. Since then, “it’s really expanded and grown.”

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