Harriet Tubman Would Only Earn $12.80 of That $20 Bill Today

Becci Burkhart/sheknows.com

Harriet Tubman is set to be the new face of the $20 bill (albeit with the late slaveholder Andrew Jackson sticking around on the back). Reviews are mixed about whether this is actually a step forward. While I’m excited to see a woman on our money— particularly a woman of color who revolted against her government to save hundreds of lives — it also made me distinctly uneasy to think about the reality of income inequality for women in the United States.

The truth is, the lives Harriet Tubman worked so hard to save are still being undervalued in America. Most people are familiar with the stat that women make 78 cents to the dollar of a white man, but women of color fare much worse. Black women make 64 cents to a white man’s dollar, on average, for the same work. Native American women make just 59 cents.

How much would $20 be worth if it were adjusted to the rate women are really making? We paired today’s wages with powerful women figures from history.

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