Even If You’re an Extrovert, You Still Need Time Alone

I’m an extrovert. It wouldn’t take long talking to me to know that. I was active in theatre, I was always one to raise my hand in class, I tend to start loud conversations with co-workers, and sometimes when I’ve been alone for too long, I go to the store just to have a conversation with the Trader Joe’s clerk.

In the last year, that dynamic has shifted. I have found myself spending more of my time, by choice, alone. I go hiking by myself instead of trying to make plans with friends; I take myself out to coffee to write instead of chat; and I come home from work and start painting, journaling or meditating instead of recounting the details of my day to my husband.

Was it just me? Was I the only extrovert who didn’t want to hang out anymore?

Was I turning into an introvert?

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