14 Beautiful Destinations to Visit if Adventure Is Your Top Priority

Rear view of woman on grass covered mountain, Oahu, Hawaii, USA

Vacation days are limited, and while we could probably all use the time to relax, some of us crave something even more strongly: adventure. It’s not enough for us to hit up the local tourist hot spots or lounge in a Jacuzzi. We want to push our bodies to their limits, see places few have dared to venture and meet the natural world as an equal player.

Sometimes, it feels like our list of must-do activities only grows longer, not shorter, and there won’t be enough time to take on all the stunning travel opportunities there are in the world. Well, we’re sorry to say we’re adding a few more to the list anyway. We searched for the most awe-inspiring, Instagram-worthy, adventure-filled destinations (and activities) on the planet.

We hope you have some mileage points. These trips are going to make your PTO disappear in a snap.

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