10 Vacation Rental Websites That Are Just as Great as Airbnb (& Sometimes Cheaper!)


When it comes to hotel-alternative lodging, it seems like Airbnb is everybody’s go-to service. But they’re not perfect, and there are plenty of Airbnb horror stories floating around. Not to mention that sometimes a location is completely booked on the dates you want to be there, leaving you in a lurch. Plus, the best prices on Airbnb tend to be for people who are willing to share their space with other occupants, and that’s just not for everybody. It can feel like you’re stepping on other people’s toes by being in their bubble. Sometimes, you want to be able to wander the house in your PJs without worrying you’ll run into a 20-something stranger working in the kitchen.

It’s good to have some backup resources handy. That’s why we compiled a list of Airbnb alternatives that specifically let you rent out the whole place, whether it’s a studio or a mansion. Many of them are competitively priced with or even cheaper than Airbnb.

Start dreaming about your next vacation and take a gander at these home-rental companies.

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