10 Places That Are Perfect for a Solo Trip During the Holidays


Have you been dreaming of getting away for the holidays for as long as you can remember? The time off from work, the endless rounds of Christmas carols in stores, the firm grip of seasonal affective disorder… sounds like a pretty excellent time for a vacation. This year is the year to finally embrace it.

There’s no real reason you can’t be a solo jet-setter during the holidays. And since the holidays are often the off-season for many destinations, it also means you can get the best of a town, city or country without the hoards of tourists.

Whether you’re looking for a warm getaway or a chilly winter wonderland, we rounded up some of the best places to visit during the holidays both domestically and abroad. You can choose to embrace the local holiday spirit or pretty much ignore it all together. This year, there’s no Secret Santa necessary — you’re buying your own gift, thanks very much.

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