Day 46: Zero In Tehachapi

The nurse practitioner I meet is nice and says she can do a bunch of tests but she suspects it’s my diet causing the cramps and that I may be a little constipated. She recommends a handful of vitamins to get supplements for and tests me for a UTI just in case – “there’s a little blood in your urine but you’re probably just dehydrated” – and sends me on my way. I feel satisfied with this, happy to have some kind of answer. 

Mountain’s friend is in town and he gives us all a ride to Pho, which I eat happily even though my stomach is still bothering me. I take the leftovers and then go shopping for a resupply, but I haven’t done any thinking about what I want and so wander the store for a while before paying, knowing I’ll have to come back because I haven’t gotten enough food, but I have gotten the vitamins the doctor recommended. 

I put my stuff back at the hotel and then walk down to see Wonder Woman. The movie only cost $4 and it was so good and such a treat. When the movie’s over I find the group and I sit with Campo, Shade, Twerk and Rawhide as they eat burgers. Afterward we find everyone at the jacuzzi so I borrow Rawhide’s shorts and put on my bra and go hang out with them. Tarantino had caught up with us but he’s leaving the trail for a little while to visit his fiancĂ© in Texas. Harvest, a girl I’ve been bumping into, sticks her feet in the water near me.

From the jacuzzi I order cheesy bread from the pizza place down the street and then go pick it up and call my family. I can’t eat much of it and give the rest to my group and then I go to bed. 

One response to “Day 46: Zero In Tehachapi”

  1. Looks like Spring Break!


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