3 Mile Hike – Day 40: Casa de Luna to Dirt Road

I sleep well in the forest at Casa de Luna. I get out of my tent mostly to pee and walk to the portapotties, which are precariously full. I can’t imagine trying to keep up with a portapotty with a bunch of hikers. 

I get myself some coffee and pancake, which are delicious, but coffee is a mistake and my body shakes for the rest of the morning. I call my family to check in. I paint myself a rock with a Cheryl Strayed quote on it and put it where I camped and then pack all my things. Rawhide is packed too, and Twerk, and we decide to eat at the cafe again before leaving. I rinse my clothes real quick and hang them up to dry and leave my pack behind. 

The cafe is delicious again, but now I am really full. I hurry back to get my pack and clothes, which are still wet, and when I get back to the road Caddy and Hobo are catching a hitch and I join them. We end up hiking together for the next three miles. I’m slow because I have to unclip my hip belt my tummy is so full. 
Caddy and Hobo are ready to camp at 3 miles and Twerk and Rawhide, who are sitting near the campsite, are hiking on. I plan to join them but then notice I have cell service and decide to call my family instead. That takes long enough that I just set my tent up with Caddy and Hobo, careful to shake the red ants off of everything in my pack. 
I tell Caddy and Hobo about my mom and I end up crying and then Hobo cries with me. They’re early risers so we all want to get to bed early. The mosquitos hover outside my tent and I’m glad we’re not cowboy camping tonight. 

One response to “3 Mile Hike – Day 40: Casa de Luna to Dirt Road”

  1. Jennifer Wildeman Avatar
    Jennifer Wildeman

    It sounds like Casa de Luna was good for you.


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