Runlikely: Long Slow Hungover Distance

In the haste of packing my bag, I forgot to bring my earbud. I forgot the bandana that I use to wipe when I pee. (I am reminded why I really need to pack my running pack the night before.) As I approached the trailhead with my stomach churning, I realized I’d eaten spicy food for lunch the day before. Hungover and spicy food? Which God do I pray to for GI distress?

Runlikely: Squats are Evil

The best part about these write ups is that I can sit on the couch while working on them. The latest stats: Long run: 18 milesLong run elevation gain: 3,494 feetEffort: Easy+Time: 5:31 (average pace: 18:24/mile)Emergency poops: 0 Total miles this week: 38 (or will be when I run this afternoon)Total elevation gain this week:Continue reading “Runlikely: Squats are Evil”

Runlikely: Charged by a Deer

Miles: 16Elevation gain: 4,131 feetEffort: Moderate (I tried to keep it easy but what is easy about 4,000 feet of elevation gain?)Time: 6:50 (average pace: 25:27/mile)Emergency poops: 1 but not quite an emergency I woke up this morning to a dream I was starting a backpacking trip and was trying to stuff a bunch ofContinue reading “Runlikely: Charged by a Deer”

Runlikely: Trail Training Starts

Whoops. I know it’s been a bit. I went out of town to visit my aunt and didn’t bring my laptop, and then figured I might as well wait until my next long run. So here we are. The basic update is that, instead of running almost exclusively on roads (there’s a .5-1 mile sectionContinue reading “Runlikely: Trail Training Starts”

Runlikely: The Humbling Half Marathon

Miles: 13.1Pace: Moderate-hard, for meTime: 2:43:41Emergency poops: 1 (shoutout to the perfectly placed porta potty) The long and short of this post is: the half marathon went fine! I woke up early, managed to use the bathroom in the morning (not always a given), wasn’t feeling especially nervous, and got to do a few stretchesContinue reading “Runlikely: The Humbling Half Marathon”

Runlikely: The 50k Training Plan

I have two summers of running training to go on, which means I do not have the kind of wisdom necessary to plan my own 50k training. (And arguably won’t have the physical stamina necessary to run a 50k, but we’re gonna keep it positive around here!) What I do know is that my bodyContinue reading “Runlikely: The 50k Training Plan”

Runlikely: A 50k Training Journey

Two weeks ago, I pooped my pants during an 11-mile long run. I have come very close to bowel bombs in the past, namely while hiking a ridge on the PCT after brazenly eating extremely spicy pasta out of a hiker box the night before, but I’ve never actually failed to get to a naturalContinue reading “Runlikely: A 50k Training Journey”