Runlikely: Triumph and Despair

The first bad sign of the long run was that the pond I’d been planning on refilling my water at was dry. Last week it had been full and flowing from the snowmelt, but clearly the once-in-a-millennia heat wave had done it in. The second bad omen was that, in order to reach more water,Continue reading “Runlikely: Triumph and Despair”

Runlikely: In Which the Training Plan Falls Apart

I ran my first 41-mile week. I ran my first 21-mile day. One of my feet aches on the outer edge intermittently, particularly on trails in my trail shoes. But the good news is: it’s now a cut-back week, which means that I’m only supposed to run about 28 miles, a significant downgrade from theContinue reading “Runlikely: In Which the Training Plan Falls Apart”

Runlikely: The Humbling Half Marathon

Miles: 13.1Pace: Moderate-hard, for meTime: 2:43:41Emergency poops: 1 (shoutout to the perfectly placed porta potty) The long and short of this post is: the half marathon went fine! I woke up early, managed to use the bathroom in the morning (not always a given), wasn’t feeling especially nervous, and got to do a few stretchesContinue reading “Runlikely: The Humbling Half Marathon”

Runlikely: A 50k Training Journey

Two weeks ago, I pooped my pants during an 11-mile long run. I have come very close to bowel bombs in the past, namely while hiking a ridge on the PCT after brazenly eating extremely spicy pasta out of a hiker box the night before, but I’ve never actually failed to get to a naturalContinue reading “Runlikely: A 50k Training Journey”