I’m Hiking the PCT! 12 Things to Know About Me

1. I’m 25. I live in Arizona. I’ve been working as an editor but quit my job to do the PCT. 2. I did not grow up hiking. I went on a handful of hikes and camping trips as a kid. I found hiking arduous and not fun. I’ve been fishing once and managed toContinue reading “I’m Hiking the PCT! 12 Things to Know About Me”

My Mother and the Pacific Crest Trail

In January of 2015, my mother died of stomach cancer. It took six months from her diagnosis. She spent most of it in a hospital. A month before her diagnosis, but while we knew she was sick, we took a planned road trip for my birthday to Zion National Park. We drove through miles and milesContinue reading “My Mother and the Pacific Crest Trail”

FAQ: I’m Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

What is the Pacific Crest Trail? The PCT is a continuous footpath from Mexico to Canada. It’s approximately 2,660 miles long and goes through California, Oregon and Washington. Who are you going with? Myself, and a few thousand strangers who are also day hiking, section hiking or attempting to thruhike. Rumor has it the relationships youContinue reading “FAQ: I’m Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail”

What I’m Packing: Pacific Crest Trail Gear List

One thing you can learn about thruhiking via the internet is that how much weight you’re carrying will have a measured effect on how much you’re enjoying you’re hike. Not that long ago, it wasn’t rare for people to carry packs that, not counting food, water, etc weighed upwards of 30 or 40lbs. Cheryl Strayed’sContinue reading “What I’m Packing: Pacific Crest Trail Gear List”