I Tried Bumble BFF & Here’s What Happened


“Mostly what perplexed me was this: How do I know, really, who would make a good friend? One of my best friends is an actor-slash-whatever-pays-the-bills in Chicago who I met in high school and now calls me when she’s walking to the train. We talk about our families and society and weighing our creative pursuits over our financial needs, and though we both might take the occasional yoga class or go kayaking, we’ve never done those things together.

In Phoenix, I met two women hiking who were close to a decade older than me. They invited me into their book club and became two of my most reliable local friendships, often inviting me on outings when I hadn’t reached out in weeks. How would I have swiped on them, an event planner and a county clerk?”

Read the rest on SheKnows

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