Runlikely: The Humbling Half Marathon

Miles: 13.1Pace: Moderate-hard, for meTime: 2:43:41Emergency poops: 1 (shoutout to the perfectly placed porta potty) The long and short of this post is: the half marathon went fine! I woke up early, managed to use the bathroom in the morning (not always a given), wasn’t feeling especially nervous, and got to do a few stretchesContinue reading “Runlikely: The Humbling Half Marathon”

Runlikely: The 50k Training Plan

I have two summers of running training to go on, which means I do not have the kind of wisdom necessary to plan my own 50k training. (And arguably won’t have the physical stamina necessary to run a 50k, but we’re gonna keep it positive around here!) What I do know is that my bodyContinue reading “Runlikely: The 50k Training Plan”

Runlikely: A 50k Training Journey

Two weeks ago, I pooped my pants during an 11-mile long run. I have come very close to bowel bombs in the past, namely while hiking a ridge on the PCT after brazenly eating extremely spicy pasta out of a hiker box the night before, but I’ve never actually failed to get to a naturalContinue reading “Runlikely: A 50k Training Journey”

Freelancing in Pie Charts – 2018 & 2019

This post is shamelessly inspired by writer and photographer Lola Akinmade‘s yearly work updates, where she tracked her pitching and income breakdown for an entire decade. She retired the series last year, but as someone who is still new to full-time freelancing, it seemed like a useful exercise for me to try to adopt. Freelancers:Continue reading “Freelancing in Pie Charts – 2018 & 2019”

Trekking in Sapa: Days 19 – 21

From Siem Reap I flew to Hanoi. On the plane, I sat next to two Americans from… Florida, I think? (I remember the man’s name was Richard because it got said several times, but I can’t remember the girl’s name.) Yet again, I hadn’t organized transportation from the airport, and so as we got readyContinue reading “Trekking in Sapa: Days 19 – 21”

900-year-old temples in Siem Reap: Days 15 – 18

I flew into Siem Reap and got an in-person visa, where they took a scan of my passport, $32, and gave me a visa after waiting about 30 minutes in a crowd of people until they called my name. This was the first time I hadn’t arranged a way to get to my hostel, whichContinue reading “900-year-old temples in Siem Reap: Days 15 – 18”

Getting Lost & Getting Sick in Da Lat: Days 13 – 14

I have some work to get done, but I know I’ll have the afternoon to explore, so I go down to breakfast and try to make friends. There I meet a New Zealand girl named Caitlin who doesn’t have solid plans, so I convince her to go with me to Crazy House and Maze Bar.Continue reading “Getting Lost & Getting Sick in Da Lat: Days 13 – 14”

Night Bus & Canyoning in Da Lat: Days 12 – 13

Well, I survived the night bus, which was both better and worse than I had imagined. Better: No locals hopped on our tourist bus at night & robbed us, our driver didn’t speed or drive recklessly, the air-conditioning was in working order (these are the horror stories travelers told me about as we waited toContinue reading “Night Bus & Canyoning in Da Lat: Days 12 – 13”

Cat Ba National Park to Haiphong: Days 5 & 6

Note: I am writing this about a week later and my memory is hazy about the details of the day, so we’ll see how this goes. Last night, I made plans with four people I met on the boat over dinner – Jack and Caitlynn, who are also from Seattle(!) and Zwen and Stella, twoContinue reading “Cat Ba National Park to Haiphong: Days 5 & 6”